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About cookies

Cookies are small text files, containing letters and numbers, that are installed on your device when accessing our website hu.etoll.solutions. They have a name and a content and can be read further by the application that installed them, for certain purposes.

The concerns around cookies are more from the privacy perspective, than information security, as they cannot be used to infect with viruses or other malicious code your device. They can refer to data that can be categorized as personal data, even if they are not leading directly to an individual direct identification.

Because of this concern, laws are in place (ePrivacy Directive) that allow controllers to place cookies only in specific conditions (depending on the cookie type, we may need your consent for allowing us to install them on your device).  

Usually, the purpose of using cookies are to analyse the application usage (e.g.: traffic, behaviours of users in terms of the content accessed, interactions with the application pages, etc), to optimise the your application’s user experience (e.g.: saving users’ preferences)  or to show personalized content, as advertising.    

Categories of cookies

Cookies can be split in two categories, from the lifespan perspective:

  • Session cookies – temporarily stored by the browser until the browser is closed; they are helpful when the user navigates on different application pages as they retain information needed to complete a transaction;
  • Persistent cookies –  store users preferences, tracking information for all the next visits on the application (e.g.: themes, layouts, language preferences, etc) and do not disappear when the browser is closed; they can be read by the application at the following visit; the files will be located on the user’ device; this type of cookie has a determined lifespan (depending on the purposes of its placement) or until the user manually deletes it.

Cookies can also be categorized, from the source to which they belong:

  • First-party cookies – are placed by the website hu.etoll.solutions, for providing functionality and security, for analytical and/or marketing purposes, as described below;
  • Third-party cookies – are placed by other party then the hu.etoll.solutions owner, usually by a social media or advertising network that provide some embedded content or functionality (e.g.: YouTube videos) on hu.etoll.solutions, for its own purposes (users analysis, targeting, etc).

Cookies also can be categorized from the purpose perspective:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – are required for the main functionality and security of the hu.etoll.solutions, which might be affected by disabling them;
  • Preferences and statistical cookies – are used to collect information about how a hu.etoll.solutions is used;

Our application uses Google Analytics, that process aggregate information related to the users, such as: no. of visitors, visited pages, their location (region), browser type, device OS, etc.

More information about Google Analytics privacy matters can be found here.

  • Marketing cookies – are used to determine a specific user profile (behaviour information), in order to display relevant publicity (including also on other websites) and help to measure effectiveness of advertising campaigns; usually, they are provided by social media platforms (ex: Facebook, Twitter, etc) or publicity services tools (ex: AdSense, AdWords, etc) which records personal data such as age, language, country along with the other users interests and preferences. In this way, the users of our application can be targeted with advertising on other websites they visit. 

Our application does not use marketing (advertising) cookies.

Other similar technologies present on our application

Name Function Type Expiry
defaultLocale Stores the user’s preferences for location. Cookie preferences and statistics ..
cookieconsent_status Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain. Cookie preferences and statistics ..
timezone Stores user’s setting for time zone. Cookie preferences and statistics ..
windowsMode Stores user’s setting for windows mode. Cookie preferences and statistics ..

Cookies Management

By browser settings

Users can manage cookies by configuring browsers (accept or not cookies) or to set other preferences related to them. Here are links to browser for settings: Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox,  Microsoft Internet ExplorerApple Safari.


More details about cookies can be found here:



Last update: July 2022